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Picture Framing Services

The Gallery, 51 High Street, Pershore offers a complete framing service, with a large selection of frames and mounts. Jilly and Chris will help you to choose the ideal framing solution for your artwork or item; be it modernising an old picture, replacing faded mounts, replace broken glass or a new frame for a canvas, an artwork or presentation item.

Framing Services

Experienced and Professional Service

We have a large selection of beautiful mouldings and mounts to best present and set off your artwork

The Galley have a choice of standard, reflection control and UV (Clarity) glass options available to best protect the irreplaceable works

In good hands! Experienced talented professionals providing invaluable advice and guidance to produce the best results for you

Art Gallery, Exhibitions, Events, Framing and much more


Frame Mouldings


Mount Options


Visitor Satisfaction

Why You’ll Love Us

A professional framing service with good turnaround times, quality craftmanship, competitive pricing and warm customer service

  • Framing
  • Box, Tray, Canvas Framing
  • Glass & Mount Replacement
  • Picture Modernisation
  • Presentation and Textile Mounting
  • Artwork Shipping Solutions
  • Experienced Advice
  • Quality and Care
  • Framing for<£25k individual artwork value

Call 07713 055 999 or visit us at The Gallery, 51 High Street, Pershore, WR10 1EU

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“At Last”

Just what we’ve been crying out for in Pershore. A great space and lovely work – Thank you Chris and Jilly!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Fabulously colourful”

Love the colourful shop! Fab work and local artists too, I pop in all the time and see something new every time.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great Service”

The couple in the gallery really know their stuff and don’t pressure you at all, such a relaxed and chilled place


Anne July 22

Pershore’s answer to the Picture Repair Shop My father collected militaria and my son inherited his collection, part of which was a painstakingly constructed montage of Hussar regimental badges in a home made frame, with labels made from filed and smoothed lolly sticks. The frame eventually disintegrated and my son decided that he would like the badges professionally framed as a gift. Chris painstakingly removed the pins fixing the badges, ordered new felt in Cavalry Blue, re-fixed the lolly sticks holding in the badges and created a frame around the old frame and glass. While he told of his journey into making the frame he revived such happy memories of my father – not a straight line in sight, emery boards hidden as packing in the frame- that we laughed with so much affection. But he was also respectful in trying to keep as much of Dad’s work as he could. We like to think that our father was looking at us, pleased that we were looking after the badges, but stunned that we wouldn’t attempt it ourselves! Chris has given us all a treasured memory of our father and my son’s grandfather which is now a family story. And that is beyond price so thank you to Chris and Jilly for your help.

Eloise 09 Jan 22

I commissioned a piece of art based of a poesy of flowers representing family member. I was made to feel understood and very comfortable through the consultation and the whole process was communicated very well. I was made to fell part of the whole process and really loved the experience despite having little art knowledge. The finished art and prints made my whole vision come to life they are stunning and are something my family with treasure for ever. I would recommend Jilly to anyone who has a vision they want brought into reality. Truly very talented and overjoyed with the finished result!!

The Gallery also creates packing solutions for International Shipping of Artwork

New artists and works at The Gallery

The Gallery prides itself on the ever changing artworks and introduction of new artists that provides such variety and colour for its customers and visitors. This week sees The Gallery presenting new larger works by regular artists Caroline Hall, Di Shorleson, Sam Fenner and Vicky Bayliss. The Gallery also has the pleasure of introducing new… More

The Gallery commission some unique pieces for the Pershore Plum Festival 2022

The Galley has commissioned some unique “Cheeky Plums” by Artist Katy Harrison, each cheeky chap is different and incorporates an actual Pershore Plum Tree Twig!! How cool are they… The Gallery has also commissioned a number of Yellow Eggs Plums, Purple Plums, Victoria Plums and Greengages by Artist Shirley Tallboys, especially for the Pershore Plum… More