Little Gallery Man lives in The Gallery, 51 High Street, Pershore and this inquisitive chap has loads of adventures.

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Little Gallery Man is a direct descendant of the infamous ‘Morph’ of Take Hart.

Read his story: The amazing result of a forbidden and secret dalliance with a beautiful yet timid shop mannequin from a local art supplies shop on Kensington High Street. In order to protect the reputation of the TV personality, it was decided that the affair be kept secret and the resulting baby boy was shipped off with his mother to a quiet village in Worcestershire, until the time was right to present him to a more forgiving public.

The young boy is a happy, playful chap, ever curious and always getting into mischief. As he grew up he thankfully he never lost his inquisitive nature and constantly finds fun in his surroundings. He learnt about art, literature, science and loves meeting new people and listening to their tales of adventure.

When he became a man he moved in with a nice couple who had just moved to Pershore and was given board, lodgings and free rein of their Art Gallery – just like his father! He was able to talk with the visiting artists, meet the customers and play with the beautiful things that came into the Gallery. He has his very own adventures every day and loves nothing more than popping up where you least expect him.

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Little Gallery Man contact links below:

Disclosure: Any connection to or relation to the TV personality known as ‘Morph’ are completely unsubstantiated and without evidence. As stated in the terms of the super injunction – oops sorry, forget you heard anything about this.